In the summer of 2004 during a math class in college, I created this little character. Reset was his name is video games was his game. Two years later, I launched The Reset Button, a crude webcomic starring Reset and friends as video game characters in school, while parodying as many video game tropes as I could think of. The comic was somewhat well received (according to one write-up,) but it was a pretty bad comic in my personal opinion. After about two and a half years, I slowed down drawing Reset comics to focus on my other webcomic, On the Grind, and stopped drawing Reset comics completely in 2012.


Yeah, not too proud of that.


Fast forward to 2014, ten years after I originally created the character. I decided to “Reset”┬áThe Reset Button, this time, making it suitable for all ages and in the process, setting the clock backwards on the characters (Reset is now 10, instead of 18 as in the original comics.) I’ve been working like crazy to update the characters and situations as well as create new ones.


Long story short, The Reset Button is back…almost. It’s on the way, but in the meantime, here is a little sample that I hope you enjoy.